Accounts Payable Representative

Job Description

  1. Accounts Payable Position 
  3. Overview/General Description:


This position requires a highly professional individual who is efficient, organized, and detail-oriented. We are seeking a self-motivated and talented individual who wishes to be part of a collaborative work environment.  The Accounts Payable Representative will be responsible for monitoring, entering and organizing, in a timely manner, all vendor and subcontractor bills/invoices that are received, and then filing the same bills/invoices after they are paid. This individual will work closely with the Office Manager and other members of the Accounting Department, as well as the Mitigation and Construction Managers.



  1. Primary/Essential Functions:


The Accounts Payable Representative (Rep) is the primary point of initial contact when bills are submitted to the company for payment.  Specific daily duties include:


  • Monitoring the Payables e-mail for new bills/invoices and for other correspondence
  • Keeping the Payables e-mail organized within vendor folders
  • Entering all bills accurately into QuickBooks in a timely manner
  • Entering all credit card receipts into QuickBooks in a timely manner
  • Maintaining the company PO Book spreadsheet and utilizing it in conjunction with data entry
  • Verifying that all bills have the proper approvals and following up when approvals are needed
  • Researching/resolving all questions and discrepancies, both internal and external, related to bills/invoices received
  • Verifying that subcontractor insurance requirements are being met
  • Maintaining up to date subcontractor files and vendor information
  • Filing all paid bills in a timely manner (at least weekly)



  1. Secondary Functions:


  • Generating reports for various requests as needed
  • Answering company phones and sometimes taking new job information
  • Entering new jobs into our construction software
  • Filing for other accounting functions
  • Researching job data in QB and construction software to make sure they are consistent
  • Other responsibilities, although secondary, that are still essential include becoming cross-trained and knowledgeable in FCR industry, technology, processes, services and related products and other duties as assigned by supervisor(s)
  • Communicates with manager on an on-going basis, providing information and data as requested to meet changing needs and requests


  1. Marginal (Non-essential) Functions:


  • Work within scope of position and direction; willingly accepts assignments and is available to take on additional assignments as requested by the department manager
  • Various projects may be assigned from time-to-time which may/may not be directly related to the functions outlined above. 
  • Supporting/assisting other teams/departments in the company with a can-do attitude


  1. Knowledge/Skills/Experience Required (Minimum Level Necessary):


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work related experience of 3-5 years
  • Intermediate experience with QuickBooks
  • Intermediate experience with Office Excel and Word
  • Experience with NextGear’s DASH software is a plus
  • 1-2 years of construction industry experience is a plus
  • Ability to multi-task and still be productive
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team


  1. Mental Demands:


  • Must be able to work in a fast paced environment and deal with interruptions while still able to complete work
  • Must be versatile/flexible with ability to multitask and switch gears quickly
  • Ability to question and follow-up on things that don’t appear “quite right”
  • Ability to adapt to change and respond to difficult and challenging situations in a professional manner
  • Must maintain confidentiality, information security, ethical behavior & sound judgement
  • Must refrain from using social media, handling personal business and avoid other distractions during the work day
  • Must be able to provide “service with a smile” to our internal and external “customers”


  1. Physical Demands:


  • Ability to maintain regular attendance and punctuality as scheduled; company hours are 8:00 am until 5:00 pm with one hour for lunch.
  • Must act professionally, demonstrate self-motivation and self-monitoring
  • Work in a corporate headquarters and small-mid-sized office environment
  • Must maintain a clean and orderly work area and a neat, clean, professional personal appearance and adhere to the company dress


  1. Contact with Others:


The associate must conduct himself in accordance with the Full Circle corporate values, mission statement, policies and procedures while also supporting customers and vendors through applicable/generally accepted business principles.  The associate is responsible for maintaining and managing all of his/her contact in a professional and acceptable business manner in order to avoid negative impact to company image and vendor relationships.

             Internal:   Sales, marketing, technicians, estimators, supervisors, managers, executives and other admin employees


             External:  Vendors, subcontractors, insurers, credit card companies, customers, corporate office, trade organizations and anyone who contacts the company or walks in the door


  1. Supervision Given To:




  1. Supervision Received From:


Office Manager


  1. Equipment Used:


  • Multimedia personal computer or laptop with Windows 10 utilizing Microsoft suite of programs
  • Company’s telephone system
  • Calculator
  • Copier/Scanner


  1. Customer Service Objectives:


Support all customers (internal and external) by practicing the corporate customer service objectives and by providing value-added services on a world-class level. Corporate values and ethics must be maintained at all times


Location:  Duluth, Georgia 

  1. Disclaimer:


This description does not necessarily include every responsibility, requirement, skill, or working condition associated with the job.  While this description is intended to accurately reflect the current job, management will review the job, as needed, and may require that different tasks be performed, depending on circumstances in the workplace. This job description may be changed at any time by management, with or without prior notice.


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